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David Asks Game-changers:

What is the legacy you’re leaving behind from the seeds you’re planting today?

Two Ways To Work With Me

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Holistic Coach

With me as your Coach you can:

See your complex life with a clearer overview.  

Find Your Balance & Discover A New You. Expand Well Being and Satisfaction in your Life.
Gain resources for Health & Wellness with Holistic Health Coaching

  Spiritual Guide

With me as your Guide you can: Discover A Path Of Progression that can Empower You.

Develop Spiritual Discernment.

Gain Insight Into Your Purpose in Life.
Receive Healing.


David R Tejeda

Visionary, Connector, Holistic Coach, Revealer of Opportunities.  Guide in the Lineage Of King Salomon with the Modern Mystery School

I believe people can grow and become better people.  I love working with those who are active in creating a positive world that's inspiring.   I take a practical & spiritual approach to helping people find their way by giving them tools and teachings that help them come to know themselves and develop their unique strengths and sense of purpose.  

The world does not wait for anyone.  The world is changing so rapidly as we enter a new paradigm. Many people can't seem to find the bridge from here to there that relates to them.  So I show them how they can be a worldbridger. I show them how to create that beautiful inner world  that lives in their heart out here in the outer world.  Their own personal slice of heaven that they are here to bring to the world.  As things change in the world, their are opportunities to create new things . Its a great time plant seeds for a more positive future.  We're all creators... and when we all each bring our unique piece the world will be amazing!  So I like helping those who I know are here to help many.  That way I can have a greater impact and expand positive world outcomes faster.  

I enjoy giving people the resources and tools to expand their spiritual awareness so they can be more connected to their sense of flow and alignment in this new emerging landscape.   As people know themselves and understand the new paradigm better they are better prepared and can find their best opportunities.  I don't tell people the answers I help them find their own answers and their own Magick or ability to change into person they truly are.   This is the magick of a path of knowing yourself.   It changes even the ego over time and allows people to live an extraordinary life filled with meaning and purpose. 

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It all starts with a Discovery Consult.  A conversation to see how we can best work together.  Let's talk about your legacy and living a life of deeper meaning. 

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