A Life Of Healing
Cultivating My Wellness & Spiritual Growth Is How I Choose To Live

If you are seeking more passion for life,  a deeper sense of purpose.  If you want your skills in wellness, stress relief & healing to uplevel or you seek to learn how to develop your spiritual gifts... This is the place for you! 

Core Spiritual Sessions

Core Sessions

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Life Activation

Part 1 of Life Activation.

Spark Positive Change In Your Life. 

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Full Spirit Activation

Part 2 of Life Activation.

Connect with your Spiritual  GPS.

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Potent Release Of Emotional Attachments.  Regain your energy. 

Personal Clearing

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Aura Healing

Seal Up The Aura,  Feel Better & Develop Healthy Boundaries with What you sense. Balance Empathy.

Core Wellness Sessions

Brewing Tea

Have Powerful Conversations about your Wellness & Your Life.  Have some tea with me.  With you can see things better & make better choices. Gain new options and fun new things to try.  As a graduate of the institute Of Integrative Nutrition IIN and a man of many interests I can help provide new resources, fresh perspectives, make useful suggestions and help you gain insights to see your whole life and work picture and restore the balance to your life and overall wellness.

Holistic Health Coaching


 Therapeutic Necklace Design 


Feel a wearable crystal ally come to life to support your body in healing or boost your skills.  Learn how to work deeply with the energy of Earth with gems of the Earth.   Life is precious and our connection to earth is also.   Don't waste it, enhance it! 



The essences in plants have powerful healing components and a deeper understanding can yield more effective results.  Adding high quality  essential oils to your life can reduce toxicity and up level your wellness.   The plant kingdom holds many secrets to balancing emotions and healing the body.  

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GEM Sessions

Gemstone Energy Medicine (GEM) sessions are a modern approach to working with gems to bring about healing and well-being.   GEM is an area I have researched myself since 1991.   The results I get are in a category of their own.  GEM sessions are great at stress relief and waking up the body awareness   

Full Healing Menu

Wellness Sessions

In the Wellness Space: 

Holistic Health Coaching  |  $100***    (50-80min)

Holistic Health Coaching, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching is a part of what I offer with HHC sessions. 

  • Experience in general Holistic Health Coaching

  • Specialty in the relationship between health & happiness

  • Specialty in nutrition & lifestyle coaching for wellness professionals.

  • Specialty in coaching for innovators & game-changers

  • deep understanding of bodywork and spa modalities

  • Specialty in working with "solo-preneurs"

  • Familiarity with over 100 different dietary approaches

  • ***cost per session may be less in a personal program with 8 or more sessions.  If a group or corporate coaching cost is $200 and up per consult. 

(Graduate Of IIN: The Institute of Integrative Nutrition)

Gemstone Energy Medicine (GEM)   |   $150    (50-80min)

GEM Sessions are wonderful ways to relieve stress and peel away tension and heaviness from the body.  They can also be used to support the body-side causes of unbalanced emotions and mental states.  Gems can be used to boost the body's natural healing mechanisms. 

GEM Gemstone Energy Medicine Classes. (Varies) 

Learn more at www.EssentiaGems.com/training

  • GEM Levels 1-3 (in Austin)

  • GEM Level 1 (online)


  • Career Electives 

  • Student Clinic Session (from a student)  $75

  • TeleGem  $150

  • Therapeutic Necklace Design (Varies)

Electronic Medicine

  • Zero Point Therapy   $75 (30 mins)

  • Infrared Light Therapy  (only for those in a program)

Aroma Therapy

  • Essential Oils 2-day Training        $500

  • Signature Scent Creation             $250

  • Aroma Journey                              $100

  • Create a Custom Essentials Kit   $200 + Oils


Effective Herbal Nutrition 
  • Western

  • Ayurvedic 

  • Eastern

Background in Wellness Sessions

The wellness sessions are from many sources as wellness modalities have been something of a passion for him since 1991.  Some more notable studies were with:

  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) a holistic health and nutrition & business training. 

  • An energy medicine research group called Lightstreams were he began to study in 1991.  They were studying the real effects of gems as a healing and cutting through the illusions to get repeatable results.  At first this was called gemstone therapy.  Now it has modern title of Gemstone Energy Medicine and their are many branches of this study.  Some of them pioneered by David.  His Current Teachings are under the brand Essentia Gems.

  • Cortiva Seattle Campus (At the time called Brenneke School Of Massage) where he complete an over 1000hr program and developed his knowledge of bodywork and got interested in Spa Therapies and was introduced to many forms of massage as well as Reiki, Jin Shin Do and Polarity Therapy.  He went on to develop his "seven styles of massage" method and his theory for the ways different people are wired to unwind tension differently. 

  • Direct Experience Worked at a high volume luxury spa Habitude and helped set up 2 different private independent Spa environments many years later. 

  • Independent Study of Herbal Medicine & training in herbs as nutritional supplementation (via IIN)

  • Independent Training to become head of a private Electronic Medicine Team:  Laser Detoxification,  Electro-stim,  Frequency generators,  Magnetic Therapies, and many others. 

  • David boasts experience in an eclectic mix of over 40 different types of wellness modalities...  and over 100 different dietary approaches.  So he is well versed in the wellness space and Spa world.   He now uses his skills to help new practitioners find their way with coaching. 

Spiritual Sessions


In the Spiritual Awareness Space:


My spiritual sessions are soul-aligning, illusion-shedding.  healing, empowering & life-changing.  They help to know yourself on a level much deeper than thought.   They make all other healings and wellness sessions more effective.  

Core Healings

  • Life Activation:  $250 Spark Positive Change In Your Life ( part 1)

  • Full Spirit Activation: $250 Connect Your Spiritual GPS (part 2)

  • Personal Clearing: $150 Potent Release of Negative Emotional Attachments. Regain Your Energy.


  • H2 Aura Healing:  Reduce stress and increase focus

  • Meridian Healing:  A quick tune up of the meridian system to heal the body without needles. 

  • Laser Light Healing:  Energize body & sweep away stress. 

  • Tree of Life Awakening & Chakra Awakening:  wake up the deeper balances of the body for healing and energy.

  • SG2 Crystal Healing:  Use the powers of mother earth to heal the body with gems. 

Advanced Healings

  • Hermetic Rebalancing 

  • SG3 Egyptian Aura Healing

  • Soul Retrieval

  • SG5 Fire Soul Infusion

  • SG6 Core Will Infusion

  • Coming Soon...  King Salomon: Auric Region Healing

Specialty Healings

Ensofic Ray Healings

  • Ensofic Ray -3 Essentials 

  • Ensofic Reiki -Physical Healing

  • Ensofic Reiki -Mental Habits 

Distance Healing

  • Spark of Life Distance Healing

Space Enhancing Sessions

  • SG2 Crystal Gridding (permanent)

Workshops & Classes

  • Empower Thyself. (2-day class and initiation-entry into the mysteries)

  • Sacred Geometry 1

  • Astral Travel

  • Stress Rescue

  • Max Meditation™   &  Sanctuary Meditation

Background in Spiritual Sessions

The Spiritual Sessions are all from the Modern Mystery School which upholds and offers ancient teachings from the entirety of the metaphysical teachings of the world held as secret teachings within the Lineage Of King Salomon.  These are now available to the public. 

    They are a path of knowing the self and a path of spiritual progression to unlock the mysteries of the self and of life.   You can partake of as much or as little as you like of this path.   The deeper you go the more profound it becomes and the more you learn about yourself. 

David Tejeda is a Healer, Teacher, and Guide in this lineage and maintains a professional certification in these offerings. 

He has special training in advanced healings such as:

  • Ensofic Ray Healing & Ensofic Reiki levels 1-3 

  • SG5 Soul Fire Infusion -Build Your Passion for Life

  • SG6 Core Will Infusion -Clarify What You Want & The Drive to Make it Happen

David has taken over 100 mystery school classes and loves them.   He is a life long student and always sees himself as a beginner ready to learn more.   He has a passion for these teachings because of how they have helped him and so many others.  His philosophy is what works... works.   

     David's specialty is helping healers, creatives and innovators to grow spiritually and to understand how to have both wellness and deeper meaning in their work and lives.   He encountered the school in 2005 and after thoroughly looking over the school began to study actively in 2007.  Since then he has remained active in using these tools and engaging the teachings.   He became certified to offer Life Activation in 2007 and became certified as a professional healer since 2011.  He has maintained these certifications ever since.  Compassionate Action and those seeking to make the world better are the thing in common among people David works with.