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Holistic Coaching

Connect with David for a 90-minute coaching session (online or in person) where you are guided to find your own answers and gain support and suggestions to help you toward your general wellness.

Areas of Focus

Depending on your needs, Holistic Coaching can address a number of areas of focus:

  1. Health

  2. Physical Activity

  3. Home Cooking

  4. Home Environment

  5. Relationships

  6. Social Life

  7. Finances

  8. Education

  9. Career

  10. Joy

  11. Confidence

  12. Creativity

Holistic Coaching & Wellness Services


Holistic Coaching:



90 minutes

​Focuses may include: 

  • A holistic look at your life and wellness to create overall greater wellbeing

  • Building pathways to greater health and happiness

  • Access to resources of over 100 different dietary approaches


Holistic Coaching: Business


90 minutes

Focuses may include:

  • Aligning your business with your purpose and deeper meaning

  • Become a conscious business that is a force for good in the world

  • Coaching for innovators & game-changers

  • Coaching for wellness professionals.

  • "Solo-preneurs" seeking work life balance


New Paradigm Business & Technology Consulting


There are specific trends and practices that are involved with the new paradigm that involve alignment with new trends in technology as we enter the quantum era and become a multi-planetary species. 

Learn how to integrate your business to align with what's coming.

Add Ons

Many clients choose to add on additional services to their coaching experience

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Electronic Medicine

Zero Point Therapy


30 mins


Infrared Light Therapy

Only for those in a program



Essential Oils 2-day Training $500


Signature Scent Creation



Aroma Journey



Effective Herbal Nutrition Consult

  • Western

  • Ayurvedic 

  • Eastern

Background in Wellness Sessions

The wellness sessions are from many sources as wellness modalities, including:

  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) a holistic health and nutrition & business training. 

  • An energy medicine research group called Lightstreams were he began to study in 1991.  They were studying the real effects of gems as a healing and cutting through the illusions to get repeatable results.  At first this was called gemstone therapy.  Now it has modern title of Gemstone Energy Medicine and their are many branches of this study.  Some of them pioneered by David.  His Current Teaching are under the brand Essentia Gems.

  • Cortiva Seattle Campus (At the time called Brenneke School Of Massage) where he complete an over 1000hr program and developed his knowledge of bodywork and got interested in Spa Therapies and was introduced to many forms of massage as well as Reiki, Jin Shin Do and Polarity Therapy.  He went on to develop his "seven styles of massage" method and his theory for the ways different people are wired to unwind tension differently. 

  • Direct Experience Worked at a high volume luxury spa Habitude and helped set up 2 different private independent Spa environments many years later. 

  • Independent Study of Herbal Medicine & training in herbs as nutritional supplementation (via IIN)

  • Independent Training to become head of a private Electronic Medicine Team:  Laser Detoxification,  Electro-stim,  Frequency generators,  Magnetic Therapies, and many others. 

  • David boasts experience in an eclectic mix of over 40 different types of wellness modalities...  and over 100 different dietary approaches.