Hey there! 

I'm David Tejeda 


In the "Wellness World" I'm A Holistic Health Coach versed in dozens of wellness modalities. 

In the "Spiritual Growth" Arena I'm a Professional Healer & Guide in the Lineage of King Salomon

Why did I become a Holistic Health Coach?  

I had some health issues early on (even though I had many wellness modalities) and did not know what to do to improve my situation.  I studied at IIN The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Holistic Health Coach to heal myself, not really thinking about it for others.  But after I had some successes, I decided I wanted to help others have the ability to heal through lifestyle & nutrition & coaching also.  I really had tons of tools but I did not know how to put them together.  It was not just the knowledge, it was the ability have space held for me to where I could  find my own answers and find the balance I was missing. 

Why did I choose to become a Guide for Spiritual Seekers?​

These healings and workshops have been the most fulfilling spiritual path for me so far after trying everything I could find.    I feel moved to make them available to others who are looking for deep spiritual growth with no glass ceiling like I was.  I love the endless depths of these teachings which go back thousands of years.   I feel they have brought me so much Joy and helped me develop my unique talents.   I don't ever feel limited in my ability to go deeper in my spiritual development there is always a way.   It has been a tremendously liberating and empowering experience.

Praise for David's Sessions:

David's knowledge of wellness, coaching, energy medicine, nutrition, and healing is on a different level than anything I've experienced.