Herb Infused Oils
Wellness Guide
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First up in wellness is Aromatherapy.  I love Aromatherapy and high quality essential oils.  For me it's a must-have cornerstone of my wellness.   Try these types of sessions to support your wellness.  


Aromatherapy For Wellness Consult Sessions

A wonderful way to make sure you have self-care handled.  Its great for teachers or speakers.  I use it during classes to help people really focus and be present and learn at their best.  You can use essential oils in so many ways and develop your own kit for your self care. I feel good about using them to build energy when I am tired and to support my body health to recover from a workout to manage pain or when I have a long day or want to manage stress or  just wind down at the end of the day.   Learn how to use, what kinds work for what purposes and how to apply it in your career and life.   You decide how deep you want to go in the knowledge of Aromatherapy. 

1-12 consults

Class on Aromatherapy for Bodyworkers.   This can be used by itself or added to your massage or bodywork practice to really take it up a notch in depth of experience and therapeutic benefit 


Aromatherapy for Holistic Health Coaches Consult

A Perfect addition to your holistic health coaching programs. 

1-12 consults


Personal Scent Consultation

And I am not afraid to admit it... I like to make my own signature scent to smell good.      This is a powerful tool when you really know how to use it. 

1-4 consults

Message me about essential oils if you're interested in learning more.